Steeped in history and prestige – sash windows are considered by many to be the most elegant windows available on the market. In the 18th century timber sash windows were something of a status symbol as they offered aesthetic and practical superiority compared to other windows of the era. Yet despite their beauty, timber windows brought with them issues such as rotting, peeling and rattling – problems that the modern world has little patience for. In the 1980s PVC-u sash windows entered the market. Although they provided homeowners with a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, simple-to-use sash window, they lacked the eye-catching, classic appeal of the 18th century original. This is why we are pleased to introduce you to Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose. Combining high-performing modern functionality with all the charm and character of a timber original, these two stunning windows have been carefully crafted to give your home a striking combination of old and new. Heritage Rose and Charisma Rose have been engineered to the highest quality, and have more than 25 years of experience built in. They are, quite simply, the most authentic PVC-u sash windows available on the market.You can fi nd out more about Heritage and Charisma Rose on our download page to discover the difference they can make to your home. Heritage Rose is a prestigious and market-leading sash window that simply oozes period charm and character. For this reason, more and more homeowners across the UK are opting for Heritage Rose when replacing their windows. Designed with all the traditional detailing found in the period era, Heritage Rose comes in a range of colours to suit your individual needs. A number of decorative features such as authentic astragal bars and the optional decorative run-through sash horn ensure complete authenticity and make this window virtually indistinguishable from a timber original. Whilst slim sight-lines create an eye-catching classic impression, the highly engineered Heritage Rose also scores top-marks for its security and energy efficiency credentials. You can find out more about how it does this further on in the download brochure.

But for now here are some more striking features, benefits and optional extras:

• A-rated, including energy effi cient glazing

• Tilt facility for easy cleaning of windows from the inside

• Secured by Design enhanced window security

• Authentic Georgian bar designs and layouts

• Wide range of colours and woodgrain fi nishes

• Wide range of window furniture and glazing options

• Deep bottom rails, putty line glass lines and decorative sash horns, completing the authentic look

• Limit stops (also called travel restrictors) that limit how far sashes open, enhancing safety

• Woolpile covers, enhancing the authentic sightlines of the window

• High quality pre-tensioned window balances, guaranteed for ten-years of maintenance-free operation

When you choose your replacement windows you want to create an impression that reflects the character of your home. Nothing but the best is good enough.

Charisma Rose offers this level of quality thanks to its cutting-edge design features which combine the eye-catching appeal of the Georgian era with the performance capabilities that only modern PVC-u products can offer.

Free from the stress of rattling, warping and rotting, they also ensure more modern properties are lent a rustic look. Made to measure you can achieve real character by also adding an authentic Georgian bar. What’s more Charisma Rose has been engineered so it is fully-sealed to keep your home warm, quiet and secure.

Here are some of the windows standout features:

• Exceptional draft proofi ng – a three-chambered frame cross section keeps cold air out and warm air in.

• Design engineering for built-in security – steel reinforced frames and tough aluminium anti-jemmy bars  give you the peace of mind you need

• Intelligent fi re-escape solution - meets the ‘means of escape’ set out in Building Regulations Part B, without compromise on style

• Tilt facility for easy cleaning of windows from the inside

• Wide range of colours and woodgrain fi nishes

• Maximum ventilation – designed to enable air to circulate constantly, keeping your home fresh and appealing

• Smooth gliding mechanism – the sliders are designed for easy operation and an airtight fit

• Choice of decorative features – from Georgian bars across the panels to decorative horns, to add the finishing touches.

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