Misted or broken down double glazed sealed units ?

by Sally Keech | Jan 22, 2014
In the trade we say that the double glazed sealed unit has 'broken down' This means that the perimeter edge seal has lost it's integrity and that it is letting in moisture somewhere. The moisture itself is hard to spot at first, sometimes becoming only visible as the sun or another heat source  'draws' the moisture up. typically the moisture will be drawn in as the atmosphere pressure changes, and it will build up eventually condensing into water inside the sealed unit. This can sometimes look like a fish tank with several inches of water inside that cannot escape, and quite funny  when it is in a door and the water sloshes about !

What you can do about misted/ blown double glazed sealed units:

The only answer is to replace the double glazed sealed unit with a new ones. That almost always means little or no alteration or disruption to the framework as the  glass sealed unit is designed  to be removed and replaceable. Trying to separate the glass is not practical as the sealed unit is factory made with the glass bonded together to (hopefully) last a lifetime.

Why did the double glazed sealed unit break down:

There are a number of different glazing techniques for the fitting of double glazing sealed units into different frame materials like wood, as opposed to either PVC-u or aluminium frames, and there are some important Do's & Don'ts to ensure a reasonable life expectancy for the sealed unit. Although there are many reasons why a double glazed sealed unit may mist up inside when it has 'broken down' due to premature failure of the perimeter seal, the cause will either be down to how the sealed unit was made or how it was fitted into the framework, on top of this environment conditions may play a part, such as wind or sonic loads, and possible exposure of the perimeter seal with aggressive chemicals such as those found in washing up liquid. This may sound a bit complicated, but the cause of a premature failure of a double glazed sealed unit can usually be fairly easily traced once the sealed unit has been removed from it's frame.



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